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Users of the Site acknowledge that:

  1. Red Debtor as the operator of the Site is in the business of providing information to users of the Site regarding the existence and status of claims that have been made against entities in the conduct of their business.
  2. The information published on the Site regarding a particular business is limited to information regarding claims that have been made against that business. That information is based solely upon information provided to us by the person/entity making the claim and the business against which the amount is claimed.
  3. Red Debtor makes no representation and provides no warranty as to the legitimacy or merits of the claims listed on the Site or the amounts which are actually owing by a particular business in relation to any particular claim.


  1. Information is published on the Site for the purpose of enabling persons/entities dealing, or proposing to deal with, a particular business in a commercial transaction to assess the extent to which claims have been made against the business through the Site and the status of those claims.
  2. Information is not collected by Red Debtor or published on the Site for the purpose of enabling a person/entity to assess the credit worthiness of any individual person, including a person’s eligibility to be provided with consumer credit, history in relation to consumer credit or capacity to repay an amount of credit that relates to consumer credit. “Consumer credit” means credit that is intended to be used wholly or primarily for personal, family or household purposes or to acquire, maintain, renovate or improve residential property for investment purposes.
  3. Before searching for information relating to a particular business and accessing details of any claim, users acknowledge that they have a legitimate commercial interest in accessing information relating to that business and that their purpose for accessing the site is for purely commercial reasons.


Information published on the Site must not be used, and must not be relied upon, for any purposes beyond the purposes stated in section B above.


Users of the Site agree to indemnify Red Debtor from any claim against Red Debtor by any third party arising from any use of information published on the Site in a manner which contravenes the terms set out in this agreement. 


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We are subject to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)(“Privacy Act”) which governs how we deal with personal information.  We have Privacy Policy that provides further information regarding the collection, storage, use and disclosure of personal information, including how you may:

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  3. complain if you feel your privacy has been breached, along with information on how your complaint will be dealt with.

You can access our Privacy Policy from the home page of our Website or directly via this link.


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